Breakthrough in the construction of the mooring array in the Western Pacific-Indonesian Seas

During the tropical western Pacific cruise of 2016, research group led by Prof. Fan Wang and Dunxin Hu upgraded two deep ocean moorings successfully with real-time transmission technology, addressing the real-time data transmission issue in deep ocean observation, which attracts wide attentions from the international community. They recovered 11 deep ocean subsurface moorings and more than 300 instruments, deployed 14 subsurface moorings and 440 instruments, breaking the world record of number of subsurface moorings and instruments deployed in a single cruise. Pr. Dongliang Yuan's group have successfully recovered the pressure inverted echo sounder(PIES) array deployed two years ago in over 5000 m deep waters in the tropical western Pacific, which is the first effort in the world in this area. They recovered 5 subsurface moorings and deployed 10 subsurface moorings in technically all of the major straits of the Indonesian seas.
The number of the synchronous mooring arrays is the largest in history in the Indonesian seas. They also finished 89 CTD stations, 10 XCTD stations and 20 GPS drifters. Above efforts have spearheaded the world's observational study of the Western Pacific ocean circulation and have consolidated the leadership of China in the NPOCE international collaboration program.