International Workshop on the POSEIDON project was held on Nov.25-26, 2010 in Jeju, Korea


Tropical Ocean Dynamics and Mid-latitudinal Phenomena in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean   



   It is the 5th annual workshop ever since the KORDI's POSEIDON project was launched in 2006.In early 1990's,we have some experience of surveying tropical western Pacific even thought the pioneering one was lasted only for 2 years. Now it is the right time that Korean oceanographers to communicate with foreigh experts for future collaboration,based upon our research outputs during the 2st stage(2009-2010) of the project.

Objects and Themes of the Workshop:

    The project name POSEIDON represents northwestern Pacific Ocean Study on Environment and Interactions between Deep OceaN and marginal seas,and hence it primarily focuses upon how much the variabilities of climate and ocean currents as well as biogeochemical indices affect the bio-physical environments such as ecosystem,volume transport along the western boundary current regions of the northwestern Pacific,especially in the Korea Strait.

     Final goal of the project in 2015 is to suggest the most probable scenario of ocean environment around korea in 2030 with reliable predictability.


KORDI,Ansan Climate Change & Coastal Disaster Research Dept