NPOCE SSC 2014 meeting (minutes updated)

On August 18, the chair of NPOCE SSC, Prof. Dunxin Hu opened the NPOCE SSC-2014 meeting at Jakarta, Indonesia, along with welcome remarks from Dr. Ridwan Djamaluddin, Deputy of Natural Resource Development Technology, BPPT. The meeting was attended by 9 SSC members, two invited scientists (Janet Sprintall and Machael Phaden), and more than 30 local Indonesian scientists from BPPT, LIPI, IPB, etc., while nine SSC members were absent owing to the rescheduled meeting in date. Ms. Yixin Ma from NPOCE program office was also present at the meeting.

With consensus among the members on the agenda, the NPOCE SSC-2014 started. Following Dunxin Hu’s introduction of the meeting, the members of NPOCE SSC presented their latest work in the last year, including project applications and field experiments, etc., and Dongliang Yuan delivered a speech on the summary of the research achievements of NPOCE since last SSC meeting at Lijiang, China. Two invited scientists Janet Sprintall and Machael Phaden were welcomed with “Introduction to the Year of the Maritime Continent (YMC) program” and “Who killed 2014 El Nino” respectively. Besides the productive progress, members discussed several key issues: coordination, membership and 2nd OSS meeting, resulting in the decision of Busan as the host city of 2nd OSS meeting during Oct. 26-28, 2015, the confirmation of Kentaro Ando’s membership, suggestions of new members from Indonesia, and suggestions on NPOCE data policy.

After the first and half day SSC meeting, two NPOCE SSC members are invited to deliver training speeches on “Using Profiling Floats to Study the Western Pacific Circulation” by Stephen Riser and “Role of Indonesian Throughflow in the interannual climate variability and predictability of the tropical Indo-Pacific Ocean” by Dongliang Yuan to Indonesian scientists. The session attracted more than 30 young scientists from all over the Indonesian country. In addition, three Indonesian scientists and one scientist from France presented their research work through relevant programs at the session. The training is a partial fulfillment of the contract signed between the IOCAS and RCO/LIPI to conduct collaborated research in the Indonesian seas in the near future.

This meeting has made the Indonesian scientists aware of the focus, objectives and progress of the NPOCE program, and called on collaborated research in the western Pacific Ocean. Several major Indonesian agencies have expressed strong interests in collaborating with NPOCE to launch field experiments in the western Pacific Ocean and in the Indonesian seas.